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While researching different fly reels trying to help @dougjohnson pick out one for the November Fishing community giveaway, I came across this awesome post about the best fly reels of 2014, so I thought I would share it with you. This is the overview chart they put together about the 25 reels they tested. Each category means something different. ------------------------------------------------------------------- :Overall Weight (as weighed by Yellowstone Anglers) :Overall Diameter in Inches (how wide the reel is from one side of the frame to the other) :Arbor Size in Inches (how many inches wide it is from where the backing hits the spool to the other side where the backing hits the spool) :Spool Width in Inches (The optimal size seemed to be somewhere between 1 to 1.5 inches. ) :Backing Capaity (20 lb. Micron with a WF-8-F line) :Maximum Drag Strength in Pounds :Country of Origin (Why does this one matter? Because reel manufacturers in the US must pay the first 10% of sales the US government to help with fish restoration and management, and that saves our fisheries.) ------------------------------------------------------------------ They went much further in this investigation; here are the other two charts which you can find here (http://www.vingle.net/posts/604625-2014-YellowStone-Angler-Fly-Reel-Final-Results). Hope this helps some of you all get your eyes on a reel you might want. These are all on the higher end of the price range, though, so I will have to see if I can dig up some info about some cheaper, awesome fly rods! ------------------------------------------------------------------ For the full details of the Yellowstone Angler experiments, check out their post: http://www.yellowstoneangler.com/gear-review/2014-8weight-reel-shootout-nautilusnv-einarsson-galvan-tiboreverglades-hatch-ross-orvis-tfo375-tfobvk-hardy-danielsson-islander-abel-cheeky-loop-bauer-sage-lamsonreels
@yakwithalan @mcgraffy Great point. If you're going to buy foreign, that's cool, but make sure to find another way to help out in small ways here!
@mcgraffy @dougjohnson Agreed. I'm fine with buying foreign, too, but make sure to support our waters in some way.
@mcgraffy Indeed!!! Good to know that people are still recognizing that buying American isn't just about supporting our economy but actually about saving our waters, too.
Big appreciation for them giving the country it was made it....it's great to support US waters and companies by buying American