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Konnichiwa fellow anime fans! I've been seeing some awesome cards on Vingle lately in which community members introduce themselves, and I thought it would be a great way for us to get to know each other in the anime community! I'll start it off - and I hope you will do it too so we can learn about each other. When it comes to anime, my tastes are a little more old school than a lot of people right now. Genre-wise, I especially like scifi anime and shows that combine seriousness with humor. I've watched a whole lot of anime over the years, but here are 10 of my favorite anime series (I plan to make a collection about them - I already started at "Anime Spotlight" - hope you follow it! I'll leave my favorite movies for another time. 1. Cowboy Bebop 2. Gundam Wing 3. Eureka Seven 4. Neon Genesis Evangelion 5. Corpse Princess (Shikabane Hime) 6. Wolf's Rain 7. Lain 8. Naruto, especially Shippuden 9. Bleach 10. Samurai Champloo I didn't add Ghost in the Shell because the movies are so much better than the series, in my opinion. I would love to find new anime to love here in this community! @sherrysahar and @MattK95 have already given me some suggestions (and I hope you guys will introduce yourselves, too!). I hope we can share reviews of different series and discuss them together, as well as swap news from the anime world! I need help keeping up! Looking forward to it :)
Naruto, especially Shippuden? That is interesting @sanityscout I have heard a lot of my friends complain about the Shippuden series because they feel like it went away from what made Naruto so good to start with: the great battles. Shippuden is a lot more emotional so I feel like that is why many Naruto fans started to not like it
@sanityscout thankyou 4 tagging me here definitely I am excited and I will surely recommend the animus I am watching now Magi and Fate zero i am enjoying myself watching those 2 a lot but I amstill in the middle of these 2 Animes as soon as I finish the I will surely add a summary or review for you. thankkyou dear and have a nice day. :)
Awesome, @MattK95 can't wait! Actually, believe it or not I'm listening to the Cowboy Bebop soundtrack right now - writing this post made me want to listen to the music :) It should be everyone's favorite anime!!
@sanityscout I almost forgot to mention cowboy bebop is like my favourite anime ever, the movie was really good as well :)
@sanityscout Your tastes are very similar to mine, though I haven't seen that many animes, I will put up an introduction soon and would be more than happy to share reviews and such :)
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