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You'll see. Tomorrow. (Hint: the app "Fragment") Ok I'll just tell you. For Halloween, I told my friends that if I WASNT in costume, they could do whatever they wanted to my long, flowing jesus hair. And so they did. I am in pigtails. I edited the pictures they took in the app. (I'll also have some longboarding pictures but who wants that when you can see me in pigtails, right?)
AND you're lucky cause I fucking hate being in pictures so not many people get to see the end results.
OH and I'm flipping off the camera so if that offends you then get da fuck out bruh
i am counting down the minutes till you post it omo
Just a lil warning
I already did it @filirican it's saved in my photos hahaha but I'm just waiting for some new shots of me skating before I post
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