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I'm from Wisconsin, the Milwaukee area. I'm 19 and I've been boarding for about 5 years but I've learned the most in the past two! I work for my dads tree service in the summer so it's hard to find time to skate but I always do! Can't wait to get to some of next years events around me! If anyone is from my area I'm always lookin to board with people!
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Do you eat a lot if cheese
3 years ago·Reply
nice to meet you bro, and that tree xD
3 years ago·Reply
Nice to meet u all! And yes @charlessutliff I do eat a lot of cheese
3 years ago·Reply
Bye that is a beach tree if anyone was wondering :0
3 years ago·Reply
You legitly look like someone I met before. You look like this guy I met doing some military training, except he was bald. Nice to meet you
3 years ago·Reply