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Ouch. I've done my fair share of scuttling downtown in the snow to catch the train to New Jersey for Thanksgiving, but I've (thankfully!) never had to deal with this kind of chaos. As the Gothamist so accurately puts it, Penn Station is "NYC's center of soul-crushing activity." Many brave travelers took to Twitter to share the madness, and the results were hilarious. I've attached a few of my favorites, but you can check out a ton more on The Gothamist. Something about the people you find in Penn Station makes the perfect Tweet. I always have interesting stories to tell no matter how short my time is in the actual terminal. It's definitely the place that I love to hate the most in New York City. I've also attached a photo of my own from last year, but I don't think this mad rush was as bad as what everyone is experiencing in 2014. (Sorry for the black and white filter, I definitely just took this from instagram...) I hope that everyone reached their destinations safely and that you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!
Try Mumbai's airport on a regular day, and then Penn will not seem so bad, even on thanksgiving.
@orenshani7 That sounds like a place I will avoid! I've only been in Penn Station on non-holidays but it's already too crowded for my taste :)
Penn Station is simultaneously the best and worst place to be. It's certainly never boring!
thats crazy haha
9th ring of hell is my favorite. I've never been to Penn Station, thank God!