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Found a few perfectly timed shots on Google! #9 shoulda strapped his helmet
And I didn't have safety gear cause I was a kook back then.
Ah 9 makes me cringe I don't want to see how that ended up just wanna know that he's okay
It wasn't too bad @EugeneAlcantar I landed in a spot of good pavement so all I ended up with was some decent road rash.
Yeah @EugeneAlcantar when I was there I brought my shitty pintail and no safety gear at all, not even a helmet. I skated a gnarly hill by the house we were staying in (steep as fuck but only like 250 feet long) and I got bad wobbles on the way down. I put weight on the front truck and tried to ride it out, and I did kinda but towards the end I failed and flew off.
Hey I skated on the same hill #3
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