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The Einarsson 9 Plus was another reel recommend by the reel shootout on Yellowstone Angler. This one's price tag is even higher than the NV G-8 that got first place, so I wanted to see why, and if the price was part of why it didn't get first. Here are some reviews about this reel! --------------------------------------------------------- From Yellowstone Angler, about the 9Plus: * Icelandic-made * amazing craftsmanship * unique design * lightweight * aimed at single-handed rod usage * full frame, to give it more rigidity and strength, keeps spool from locking up * incredibly fun to fish! * easy-to-grip handle * nice sounds * 7plus only weights 6.7 oz. * lots of backing See more: http://www.yellowstoneangler.com/gear-review/2014-8weight-reel-shootout-nautilusnv-einarsson-galvan-tiboreverglades-hatch-ross-orvis-tfo375-tfobvk-hardy-danielsson-islander-abel-cheeky-loop-bauer-sage-lamsonreels --------------------------------------------------------------- From High and Fly, about the 7Plus: * Plus series comes in 3Plus, 5Plus, 7Plus and 9Plus * lightweight but durable * all have the same brake system * sealed with saltwater proonless steel part * weight:6.98 oz (according to manufacturer) * aesthetically pleasing * drag adjustment very easy because of the size of the knob * silky smooth drag * manufacturer Einarsson supports the North Atlantic Salmon Fund via the One Percent For The Planet program See more: http://www.highlandfly.com/2014/08/einarsson-7plus-reel-review/ -----------------------------------------------------------
@JustinRussell Lol yeah focus on the improtant stuff: the fish!
@JustinRussell Good luck buddy! Hope you got one
I know this was about the reel.. but I'm catching me a steelie like that tomorrow.