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me as kakuza from naruto!!!
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@hikaymm thanxx you so much!:) @timeturnerjones no i wasn't we were just poseing but we did larp kinda later at the con! and it was super fun!!! @Goyo thanxx you!! and yes, well kakuza and pain! i really like deidara as well and was even gonna get his mouths tattooed on my hands! i actually have alot of anime tattoos lolz
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@Yancy4277 that Deidara tattoo idea would be so crazy and cool haha. Just don't point them at me! LOL. Now I'm really curious about your anime tattoos. You should make a collection about them and show them off to us!
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@sanityscout alright will do some arnt finished tho and i want way more!! and i no right i promise i won't :p
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Well, you can always add more cards to the collection as you get more! Haha. Can't wait to see what you have :)
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@Yancy4277 Very cool :) Hope to see more later!
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