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This the reel @dougjohnson and I ultimately decided on for the giveaway, since it's price is a little better, and it's still a fantastic reel that anyone would be happy to own based on the reviews. Heck, I want one myself! Check out the reviews to see if this one is right for you! -------------------------------------------------------------------- From Yellowstone Angler: * very clean design * very light * wide spool * big handle for drag adjustment is nice * no ball bearings, which is great for upkeep * a true bargain for a reel this good * made in USA * exceptionally smooth * ease of spool removal (just push the center button and done!) See more: http://www.yellowstoneangler.com/gear-review/2014-8weight-reel-shootout-nautilusnv-einarsson-galvan-tiboreverglades-hatch-ross-orvis-tfo375-tfobvk-hardy-danielsson-islander-abel-cheeky-loop-bauer-sage-lamsonreels ------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Cabela reviews: * durable, lightweight and smooth * best drag knob out there * powerful but smooth drag * outstanding craftsmanship * never disappoints, so the fishing is always fun * looks cool * awesome first impression * quiet: won't spook weary fish * top end reel without a ridiculous price * aesthetically pleasing See more: http://reviews.cabelas.com/8815/319850/galvan-torque-large-arbor-fly-reel-black-reviews/reviews.htm ------------------------------------------------------------
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This is amazing. Hope someone gets to enjoy this someday though like @CaseyJohnson said I dont' know anything about fly reels
3 years ago·Reply
Still looks just as awesome as when you first showed it to me!
3 years ago·Reply
Too bad nobody one this one!! maybe later eh? @dougjohsnon
3 years ago·Reply
@CaseyJohnson Yeah, it's not easy! I'm still learning myself but really interested in what kind of reel I should really spend on. @happyrock @dougjohnson Hopefully someone can get it someday!
3 years ago·Reply
Yep!! I'll do it if I can
3 years ago·Reply