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tbt to when i lost my board in the Houston channel and jumped in that ses pool after it
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damn, good thing you were able to get it back! id jump off a bridge to save my board too lol
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@Shulace im dying right now, I dont knkw why but the moment i read that, i just picture one of those movie scenes when someone jumps after an object. They have that slow mo scene where you see the person trailing whatever just fell vertically from a distance. So im just thinking of that but with a longboard falling
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@BenKaplan lmao, we're on the same page then!
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I've had to do that before. I was riding on a bridge and I hit a gap on the sidewalk the board shot forward of the bridge so I immediately ran and noise dived off the bridge into the water hole and got my board
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That's awesome!!!
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