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My name is Nick Congelliere, I'm 16 from Peoria AZ. I enjoy photography, music and adrenaline. I'm a drummer, been one for 13 years now. I have a passion for music. If I'm not on my board you can find me supporting music at local venues. I've been Longboarding for around 6-7 months now. I've always been athletic and able to pick up things and be good at them the first time around and this really stuck. I'll be longboarding for a looong time. Yeah. That's me. Nice to meet you :D
@EugeneAlcantar yes! And I still live here.
Nice to meet you bud. If you get a chance go to New Orleans, I spent a lot of time there and the local music scene there is really thriving.
i have cousins from there! nice boards! (:
@MicahKnopp that's awesome haha
then yep, my dad definitely went there as well haha @EugeneAlcantar
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