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The 3-Tand with their TF70 Sealed Fly Reel won at ICAST 2014, so I was curious about whether or not this reel is really worth the title. It was a bit hard to find some reviews about this guy, but I think it looks like a reel that's worth trying! ---------------------------------------------------------- From the ICAST update video (above): * nano carbon fiber for cooler, smoother drag * hidden counterweights in the rim of the spool * clean design * reel foot can be easily replaced instead of the full frame ---------------------------------------------------------- From Vagabond Fly (for the TF50): * great quality for the price * very light - 3.9oz * glare free finish * rubber insert on the reel foot to avoid slippage on the rod’s reel seat * lowest drag setting factory set to avoid line overwind * low start-up inertia * smooth and predictable drag * adjustable drag with no jolts between settings (vital mid-fight) * unable to confirm the "low maintenance" aspect * TF-50 or TF-70 best depending on your weight/balance preferences * good looks * efficiency without too much work See more at: http://www.vagabondfly.com/sink-your-teeth-in-3-tands-tf-50-reel-by-pieter-taljaard/ ----------------------------------------------------------
@mcgraffy depends on the weight, but if you get the 7/9 weight its 350. here's the link: http://3-tand.com/fly_reels.html
@yakwithalan how much does this one cost?