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Over the past decade or so, we've seen a lot of Spiderman. Between Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield - Spidey has had a lot of face-time (okay, mask-time *rimshot*). But no matter how many millions of people go see them and how much money each movie rakes in in each of these incarnations of the story, people still keep talking trash and being all fatalistic about the Spiderman movies! Clearly, if you make two series using the same exact character, practically the same story within a very short period of time and have them both be successful in the box office - people must be enjoying them one way or another. I'm kind of split between the two. I loved Tobey Maguire as Spidey and also love Emma Stone. I've enjoyed them all, really. I think the public perception really started going downhill around Spiderman 3. Pretty much all fans I've talked to agree that no matter how funny and campy it was, emo-musical Spiderman was a horrible idea. Too far, really. Since then, it seems people can't accept the films as successful (even though statistically, they are). Charlie Jane Anders recently discussed this in io9: "First off, before anybody else says it, the perception that Spidey is in trouble is massively overblown. No Spider-Man movie has ever failed to do well. It's true the rebooted films have somewhat underperformed the Tobey Maguire trilogy, with ASM2 making around $700 million instead of the nearly $900 million Spider-Man 3 made." But I mean, REALLY. Anders brings out a kind of hilarious suggestion from someone over at Forbes for how to "save" the Spiderman movies. Anders explains Mendelson's point: "...the simplest way to save the Spider-Man movies is just to keep making Spider-Man movies, since they always do well. The one creative suggestion he offers is to do a movie about Miles Morales, who's become Spidey in the Ultimate Spider-Man comics. But generally, he says, "The worst thing Sony could do is panic and over think it." The character remains incredibly popular, and doesn't need an "expanded universe" or a complicated mythos involving OsCorp." Just keep doin' what you're doin', guys! RELAX! Keep making Spiderman movies and we'll keep going to see them! There are other great points in the articles in both io9 and Forbes if you want to know more. I've attached the io9 link above - here's the one to the Forbes article:
@EightyNine there's constantly this undercurrent of nervousness about them or critiques of them. I don't know why... most people feel the way you do. And it's so normal for some people to dislike some things. It really shouldn't be made into such a big deal, in my opinion haha. I also enjoy them!
I didn't know they were panicking about Spiderman? I've been thoroughly enjoying all of the movies and thought the recent one was very entertaining