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This YouTube series features kids, teens and elders reacting to various tech-related topics and interests. The elderly segments are my favorite because they are always so confused about what they are being shown. In this episode the elderly participants are given the Oculus Rift without being told anything about it. I'm surprised with how impressed they are with the technology!
In fact, I think I would really hate some of it! Hahaha
lol... my parents are not in this generation, but the elderly people I know would really hate some of it I think lol
@sanityscout They had me cracking up, sounds very much like what my dad would say
The villa in Tuscany was a good choice. "It looks a little artificial" haha. Lol the rollercoaster... "Oh no. Let's not do this." I think I would have freaked out at a few of those places, too!
"Oh no!" they say as they see it. Haha! I love how they immediately jumped to negative conclusions - war, mind control, etc. I also like how they included some fun facts in this one.