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These two are lightweight and low price, great as an entry level reel (the Liquid) and for more experienced anglers (Remix). They're US made, and seem to be pretty great without breaking the bank (under $100 for the Liquid; the Remix is under $160). The spools are interchangable between the two! -------------------------------------------------------------- Basic info: * Liquid is the more basic version of the two, running at $99 * The Remix is running at $159 * Liquid is pressure-cast * made in the USA * Liquid and Remix both assembled in Boise, Idaho * Remix mix between cast spool and mechanical. See more at: http://www.kingfisherflyshop.com/blog/new-lamson-liquid-and-lamson-remix-reels-coming-in-august/ ----------------------------------------------------- From Trouts Fly Fishing: * From a reliable company, Waterworks-Lamson * geared towards lower-entry * full sealed, disc drag * starting at just $99 for their 1.5 and 2 models (3-5wt) * die cast reel (made in US, casts made abroad) * imported frame and spool * great quality control from Lamson * Remix slightly more durable for more coin * part machined, part cast * fully sealed, conical drag system * color sleeve can change the Liquid or Remix easily for just $9.95 and is changable See more at: http://troutsflyfishing.com/info/blog/post/product-spotlight-lamson-remix-and-liquid-reels ---------------------------------------------------- From The Fly Fishing Forum: * nice reel * lightweight * not as durable as more expensive lightweight reels * finish not that nice * spool was also thinner/finer than any die casted spool seen before See more at: http://www.theflyfishingforum.com/forums/fly-reels/358689-lamson-liquid-remix.html
@mcgraffy @happyrock It's good, too! I like the changing out of reel colors being possible, not that it's necessary at all
@mcgraffy Seems like you and I have some deciding to do!
Ok ok I keep changing my mind @yakwithalan Are these really worth the price? THey're beautiful and look like a great one to learn on.