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I finally got out to try the ice so I can go fishing . 11/27/2014 . Ice was thin in the 1 1/2 to 2 inches . Cracking under every step but had to give it a try . in some of the pics u can see open water and when I first arrived there we're couple hundred geese on the open water . I made it out to the creek channel which was about 30 feet off shore with the water depth holding around 4 feet . Creek channel was 6 to 7 feet of water . Also I tried to get has close to the open water as I could knowing the fish would b coming out of the deep to the shallow and back to the deep holding tight to the creek . seem fish r like deer they stay on the edges of drop offs and don't show up well on my Humming bird flasher till they right on top of me . only got to stay for couple hours as today is turkey day and I needed to spend time with family. Hope everyone that reads this enjoyed their families and ate enough food to keep them warm while the start fishing . On the real side of this story . NEVER go on thin ice . this was a big risk on my part . warm weather again for next couple days so I will have to wait again til there is better ice . HAPPY HOLIDAYS . TIGHT LINE GENTS .
Its a crappie . Just a nice size one that will fill the skillet when the time comes . I don't fish for the Large mouth bass "LMB" . although I catch a few as they live in the same waters . @@KawikaAfelin . I fish main for crappie and bluegill . through the ice and fish for walleye's in the open stretches of the rivers in the winter time . @yakwithalan Will be more careful as I have falling in a few times and know the dangers . Maybe with the ice season at hand we should remind everyone to be very careful . Somewhere I remember seeing a set of guide lines or basic rules for being on the ice . I'll have to look and see if I can come across them again and put it out here has I know we have a few younger sportsmen who will be willing to do the same as I did . @mcgraffy if u know the guide lines or if @dougjohnson knows maybe you guys could help ? . Thanks for the help in Advance . Two safe tips 1. make sure ice is at least 2" inches think for one person weighing around 200 lbs. 2 Never go out by yourself no matter how thick the ice is . I've falling through a foot of ice in deep water and got hypothermia in a matter of mins . 3 let love ones and others know where u r going and when u plan on being home . Don't just tell them the lake . Some lakes r bigger and you will need to give up your secret spot in order to b safe . Like I said these r just a few . There's a lot more to be added . ice thickness for atv's is different from a person and the same with taking a small pickup or bigger vehicle on ice . So please remember this is just a rule of thumb to get u started . I'm not and expert on ice thickness safety so please don't rely on my advise . No ice is safe .
Turkey day was a success.Luckily my ice is at about 6 to 8 inches already. creaking still trips me out though. is that a small mouth bass? idk too much about bass, only fished it for a summer as a kid.
Happy Thanksgiving to you too; stay safe buddy! We all wanna get on the ice but gotta be patient till it firms up enough. Glad you had a fun day fishing anyways. Tight lines!
@BrianMcNeeley Hey there @mcgraffy told me you are thinking about sharing some guidelines. That's an awesome idea, with the idea in a weird between thin and thick stage right now some guys really need it
@BrianMcNeeley I don't know the guidelines well myself, just what I trust my friends and follow behind in unfortunately! I'd be interested to learn them, though
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