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Yesterday I went and did my black Friday shopping early, and started a new thing with my friend Chief called Purple Wednesday. Anyways, I am so stoked for my custom Dubs board to come in. I visited Tom down at my local board shop, Jack's Boardhouse, and picked up everything I need for her. I got some FRESH Caliber 2's 44 cal, some Space Ball built in bearings, hardware, and some beautiful clear Flik grip tape. I'm getting a footstop with my board made from some scraps off the deck, so I'm not very worried about slipping around on the board at all. Plus with all of the concave of the board that I designed, I don't think my feet will move very much unless I want them to. I am so stoked to share with you guys my new Dubs board! As soon as I get it in, and everything is put together I will be sharing the beauty with you guys. She will be sexy
Purple Wednesday, haha! Love it!
blue is what I'm getting
dude its gonna look sick! love those trucks
@MichaelNieves First annual man! LOL
Thank you:)