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The US PSN is having a sale on the PS4 and PS3 this today! They are offering some great deals so buy them while you can. Some of the games on sale are: Sniper Elite 3 inFAMOUS Second Son Diablo III NHL 15 Madden NFL 15 FIFA 15 Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor The Evil Within Transistor Sleeping Dogs The game prices seem to be fluctuating between $20-$30 for most of the AAA titles.
@hunahuna Slightly fair but I'm used to swiping games like Dragon Age: Ultimate for that price.
@DanteL I haven't really seen much of The Evil Within. Is it any good?
@Spudsy2061 inFamous SS is a great game, only a little replay value though. $20 is a great deal!
@Spudsy2061 - I agree I'm not terribly impressed. Has anyone placed Middle Earth? I'm a huge LOTR fan but haven't really gotten into any of the games.
None of these look like any big deals. Black Friday's been very disappointing this year.
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