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To make a great all-around, mid level fly setup, it was recommended by gearpartrol.com to try the Orvis Superfine Glass 5 Weight rod ($395) with this Hardy Ultralite DD Series ($225). I think this is a reel you could pair with many other rods as well; here's some of the reviews about the Hardy reel so that you can decide if this reel, which is at a great price point, is right for you. ------------------------------------------------------------ From Yellowstone Anglers: * Ultralite 7000 DD perfect for 8wt line * incredibly lightweight, compared to Tibor * plenty of drag adjustment possible * drag detent firm enough to not get knocked out of place * no hang ups on the reel that make it inconvenient to use * super wide arbor * switching spools painless, just unscrew the center arbor nut * elegant rod * cheap for the quality! * aircraft quality, bar stock aluminum (rather than melting down the aluminum and pouring it into a pressure mold) * reel is sure to satisfy any freshwater angler's requirements and probably 80% of saltwater anglers * completely sealed drag system * smooth enough * pleasant clicking sound See more at: http://www.yellowstoneangler.com/gear-review/hardy-ultralite-dd-review ---------------------------------------------- From Fly Fishing Wyoming (video attached): * Freshwater reel of the year at a show * Great for general fly angler * Made out of bar stock aluminum (high purity) * Hard finished * Hardy is reputable company * Palming rim allows light drag setting easily * Disc drag * Wide variance of drag resistance available so good for trout reel * Can be changed very simply RH to LH by flipping the roller bearing * Release mechanism for school is a screw that cannot fall off easily * Ultra large arbor ---------------------------------------------- From NSFly Guy Forums: * can be used single hand * 7000 DD and 9000 DD both great * crazy cheap for what you get * ultra large arbor * consistent drag pressure * fine for saltwater See more at: http://nsflyguy.ca/smf/index.php?topic=4283.0
@mcgraffy @happyrock I think this might be my favorite for seriously-want-to-try beginners.
@mcgraffy Agreed. The price of this one seems like "good enough to get a good reel" but not so pricy that I want to cry.
THis is a really pretty reel, and seems like people think it's worth way more than the cost! I wonder if there are any drawbacks to it, though