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Recommended as a piece of a great all-around fly setup (especially when paired with the Redington Path Rod ($110), this is a great, cheap entry level reel that will help you decide if you like fly fishing or not, and what parts of your equipment you should later invest more money into! I think one of these guys might be great for me to try. Check out these reviews, and see for yourself. The Flystart #2 is the $64 model. There are versions #1 through #4. In all honesty, after reading these reviews, I'd recommend upgrading from this entry level to a Flyrise or Flywater, which are slightly higher price and a much higher quality. ------------------------------------------------------- From Tackle Tour: * high quality aluminum alloy * but gravity fed cast aluminum, then machine finished. * very inexpensive * drag system meant to be smooth for the cost, does an OK job but nothing like what you'll find in a much more expensive model. See more at: http://www.tackletour.com/reviewrossworldwidepreview08.html ------------------------------------------------------------ Reviews from Sierra Trading Post: * Ross's cheapest reel and it shows * bad grinding news after spooling a few times * aluminum bends very easily * very flimsy * very simple and cheap, but the value isn't that great even for the price See more at: http://www.sierratradingpost.com/ross-reels-flystart-4-fly-fishing-reel-6-8wt~p~4420p/reviews/?showlocalization=True -------------------------------------------------------------- From Bows and Browns (referring to the FlyCast): * not nearly as good as the Flyrise * not as smooth as the flyrise, which isn't that much more expensive * looks cheap * mid-arbor size * there are better options for the price See more at: http://bowsandbrowns.blogspot.kr/2011/10/ross-flycast-reel-review.html ---------------------------------------------------------
@mcgraffy LIke @happyrock said I would push up to at least the $110 one, unless you're really just looking to be very, very casual about fly fishing. You really won't enjoy it if hte reel isn't good enough
I think I'd go up to the $110 version @mcgraffy but that's my personal preference. I don't know what @yakwithalan prefers
@yakwithalan Would you recommend this as reel to learn on, or something a little pricer?