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If you're ready to invest in a pricier all-around set up that you can target many types of fish with, try pairing this Tibor Signature Series 5/6 weight with a Scott Radian 5/6 weight ($795) rod. The reviews for this reel are stellar, and putting any amazing rod with it will do you good. Before you invest in this reel, though, you should check out some reviews and see if it matches the features that you care about most. ---------------------------------------------------- From Fly, Rod, Reel (talking about the 5/6 weight): * sealed-cork drag system * all-around tough design and construction * heavily ported to make more lightweight * really smooth drag system * nice design (it looks cool!) See more at: http://www.flyrodreel.com/magazine/2013/october/muck-it-up --------------------------------------------------------- From Trident Fly Fishing (2nd video above): * sealed drag * drag can be taken apart at home for easy service * lots of porting but still heavy * high start-up inertia (not good!) * beautiful sound * average retrieval rate * looks and feels great in your hand * lifetime warranty * interchangeable spool * expensive! The everglades is a better choice. See more at: http://www.tridentflyfishing.com/blog/tibor-signature-fly-reel-review-8-wt ------------------------------------------------------- From lelandfly (1st video above): * sealed drag system that can still be taken apart and serviced at home * backlash nearly impossible with this reel * quick change reel * drag knobs cannot fall off when you changing inside * clicker noises very classic to Tibor * drag is so smooth * very few individual parts inside so that you are able to fix it between left and right easily --------------------------------------------------------
@mcgraffy @happyrock Can't say I disagree, but you know you're getting much higher quality when you pay that price!
Pretty or not, like @mcgraffy said this is wayyyyy more than I'd spend on a reel at this time!
Looks like a fun rod to use! Also way out of my price range, though!