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This will be the best wreath you'll ever have. It can have more than 1+ year life span with low maintenance! Materials: A wreath frame. Sphagnum moss. Floral wire or plain old fishing wire Floral pins or just paperclips or bobby pins that you bend Rooting hormone (not required but definitely helps) Succulent clippings Instructions: 1. Cut some clippings from living succulents by grabbing a branch or a stem and cut. You can even regrow a succulent just from one leaf, but that will take longer for your wreath to look full. 2. After collecting, take them out and lay them somewhere for a few days. The end of the stem is moist so you want them dry until a scab forms. Depending on where you live it can take 2-7 days. 3. When it's ready, get out your wreath frame and spaghnum moss. Moisten the moss in a bucket for 5-10 minutes until it is fully wet. Then stuff the wreath frame full of moss really tight from the back. Use floral wire or plain old fishing wire to wrap the frame and moss, just to make sure it holds. 4. Turn your frame over. Add another layer of moss to cover and wrap with fishing line again. You know you're done when you don't see the fishing line. 5. Now you can start designing the wreath. Start with the bigger clippings, the more unusual clippings that you only have one or two of. Make a hole in the moss with a pencil or stick or something point. 6. Dip your succulent in rooting hormone. You don’t HAVE to use rooting hormone, but it does help the cutting take root in your wreath. If your succulent has a short stem or doesn’t feel fully secure, you’ll need to secure it in place in order to hang your wreath. Use a bobby pin, floral pins, or a bent paperclip. (You could actually skip using any attachment at all, but then you will have to leave your wreath laying flat until the roots start growing on your clippings, which will take 3-6 months.) Notes: As you plant your clippings, leave a little room for them to grow, don’t pack them in too tight. In a year your wreath will be much fuller than it is now, so keep that in mind. Make sure to stand it up every now and then to get a feel for how it looks when hanging. If you use pins you can let it dry a bit then go hang that succulent art you made! Your visitors will be envious of the masterpiece.
So pretty! And perfect for California winters :)
My aunt would love this project! There's plenty of succulent in her home for this wreath!
it wasn't until I moved to LA that I got into succulents. such a great idea.