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Ripstik Video 71: http://youtu.be/ljv_02Bfluk Well, as much as I hate ripstiks, I give these guys props for being able to do this stuff with them
Enough with the god damn ripsticks, this is a longboard community dammit. #3amthoughts #waitintill6 #sofuckingdone #blackfriday #sleepdeprived
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I'm with @Agek I get that this is someone's hobby and shit but 1. It's still super kooky and 2. This is longboarding but whatever. And I'm pretty sure if it was a skatepark that was packed with people, they'd get the shit kicked out of em. Skaters hate anything that isn't skating.
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Mad props to them though I'd be scared of hurting my ankle doing tricks on a ripstik.
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