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Forget about the bold red lips and smokey eyes. Have you seen bling eyebrows? Benefit Cosmetics rolled out a soon-to-be phenomenon, Bling Brow Kit. If you're daring to try, the kit comes with 52 Swarovski crystals and a mini pair of tweezers. The crystals already have a sticky backing so all you have to do is peel and press. If you're hesistant, from November 21 to January 1 you can head over to the Benefit counter to let the eyebrow experts handle the application. Depending on how sparkly you go, the service costs between $5 and 20. According to Benefit, it can last on the skin for up to 3 days with proper care.
Is this a new thing to people? Because I've been doing this for years now with simple craft gems and clear eyelash adhesive.
@stargaze It's really easy! I use Salon Perfect brush on lash adhesive (it's clear, which is awesome Cuz you don't see it if you smudge it) and the gems I use are the basic kind you find at any craft store. I've tried both dabbing the glue directly on the gem first and then applying it underneath my brow, and I've tried dabbing a dot under my brow and arranging the stone from there. The latter worked better for me, but I say play around and see which is easier for you. The upsides to using tiny craft store gems instead of Swarovski crystals is they still look really nice, but it doesn't annoy you as much if/when you lose them. ^_^
@IluzieAuditore hmm, I wonder. This was my first time seeing them on eyebrows for sure.
This is so Hunger Games it's unreal.
its nice ....
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