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10. Carly Rae Jepsen throws a terrible first pitch. 09. L.A. Clipper DeAndre Jordan's dunk gets stuck between the rim and the backboard. 08. Steelers Coach Mike Tomlin and Nets Coach Jason Kidd do their part to win the game. 07. At the CFL game the wind was so strong, it stopped a 22 yard field goal. 06. White Sox Gordon Beckham and Conor Gillaspie collide as they try to catch the game winning catch. 05. The lights go out on Super Bowl XLVII. #conspiracy 04. The Miami Heat fans bail on their team and miss Ray Allen's three. 03. Houston Astro Jonathan Villar mean to slide into second. Instead he slid into the butt of Phllies Brandon Phillips. 02. Phoenix Coyote Goalie Mike Smith defends the puck then it somehow lands in his pants. He slides back into the net ending the overtime game with an own goal. 01. Florida Gators Center Jonotthan Harrison gets a great block on WR Quinton Dunbar. Too bad they're on the same team.
@ChickenNrice now that is a jerk of a person. At every turn, Kidd proves that being a great leader on the court doesn't mean you need to be even a decent person off it
Jason Kidd already innovating how coaches can affect games
They need more of these
I love ESPN lol One of the things that I miss the most these days is not watching sportscenter. Those guys make sports even more enjoyable because they don't take things so seriously. I also really like their in-house commercials