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Coldplay regains their cool with this awesome animated interactive video for their Ghost Stories track "Ink". This Choose Your Own Adventure-styled video was written, directed and animated by Blind, and chronicles a man's journey across the world searching for his lost love. You can control your own story by making decisions at certain points in the song – which paths to take, which animals to embody, and even whether or not to get drunk (hey!). All in all, there are 300 possible outcomes, depending on what you click and when! Check it out here:
@TechatHeart I was tempted to try but there was no way!!
How creative! I wonder if any super fans have gone through and tried every path you could possibly take haha
I love that they decided to animate this video. @sophiamor i tried it 3 times, but even as a fan I don't know if I have the patience to watch all 300!
This is so cool!! I'm going to devote some serious time to this this weekend.