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We all know the basic rule of brushing our teeth twice a day (or after each meal). The American Dental Association recommends tossing your toothbrush every three or four months. (I'm already guilty for leaving my toothbrush in the restroom for half a year.) Well, guess what? You don't have to be guilty not discarding your chompers. Goodwell has an innovative idea to create a more eco-friendly approach to oral hygiene: a toothbrush that lasts forever. It features interchangeable heads that can be composted when they begin to fray. In addition, it's made with medical grade materials. The designer Patrick Triato calls it a “modern toolkit for your mouth.” Sounds fun? According to the Goodwell's website, you can pre-order the toothbrush at $59 from CrowdSupply. This sounds like a cool idea, but I'm hesitant because of the price. In addition, the system seem like you have to invest for interchangeable head. I like their environment composition, but I'll pass and keep my good old toothbrush that cost me at most $2+ tax. Would you use this toothbrush (forever)?
@AvocadoLove thank you! You have a great day!
@redridergirl just read your comment and coincidently we have the same toothbrush brand. Just wanted to point that out. Have a good day!
How would you clean this lifetime toothbrush? I like my Sonicare electric toothbrush and think I would stick with it! It has done a great job at keeping the cavities away as well as my Crest Pro Health!
This sounds like a neat toothbrush. The craftsmanship looks amazing, but i wouldn't invest in it because it's just another simple toothbrush. I currently own an electric toothbrush where I have to change the head every 3-4 months and I love it because my teeth feels super clean afterward.