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For the past year many issues and debates have formed around feminism and what radicals deemed offensive to women. The popular sentiment seemed to be largely dominated by a toxic sect of feminists. This past month there have many of these discussions forming, such as: a 'sexist' t-shirt, street harassment in NYC, a rap lyric taken out of context, and even Zuckerburg's wardrobe. I will now link to various articles that I believe speak for themselves, but to summarize: radical feminism has overreacted to minuscule issue and have pushed away many who originally wanted to agree with them. The world of journalism has been dominated by one side of this story, as I believe many were too afraid to speak out against the current radical feminist movement. Here are the articles: Time Cathy Young The Guardian Julie Bindel LA Times Jonah Goldberg The New Republic Sally Kohn The Washington Post Esther J. Cepeda The Telegraph Boris Johnson The Daily Beast Lizzie Crocker The Federalist Mollie Hemingway Huffington Post Chris Good Spiked Naomi Firsht The Telegraph Tim Stanley In my opinion, I would hope people would start adopting the humanism movement rather than feminism. Modern humanism seems to be a more level headed movement aimed for equality for all.
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I understand the reason behind the extreme point of views of some, though. Normally, it seems that issues are not really discussed or brought to life until there are extremists willing to push the boundaries. While they are not the model that we want to follow, they are the people, who to a certain extent, actually get the national attention necessary to make real changes. While I do not condone nor agree with it, I think that it is because of these "extreme" feminists that more and more are discussing the matter
You know what, this is a really refreshing post. I've got three sisters, I've grown up in a woman dominated house, and just because I like video games or disagree with the severity of some of the social issues people have brought up lately I get labeled as misogynist and undeserving of an opinion. I'm glad to see I'm not alone in challenging some of these "social issues" as of late. Thanks for the post!
@TeamWaffles I am going to go ahead and assume you were agreeing with my point lol I understand. People fear being labeled backwards or conservative and that to me is wrong. That to me is a kind of oppression that has been seen over and over, and one that no one stands up to stop. I hope that people start to see that the best way to progress, as you say, is open dialogue.
I think it is absolutely reasonably that the conversation should be brought up. But I think we need varying view points for the discussion. I don't think people should be shamed for a having a slightly different view point than one extremist side. I do agree with your point though.
@hunahuna Well, judging by the number of articles posted this month you are not alone!