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the difficulty of choices
Hi I've got a problem. at the moment i am riding the fast chief longboard from indiana. it is just not stable enough and has not enough concave for a safe stand. now i don't know what to buy because i don't know specifications i should care about. i want to bomb hills and do slides. up there there are three of my favorites and i am not good at choosing. help me guys, please! tell me what board you would choose and why. tell me generally about shapes and styles of board :) thanks already and ride safe ;)
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@Agek okay that sound good. thanks :)
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The only board I have info on is the arbiter 36. I ride the arbiter dk. It's a really heavy board at like 9 plys I think it has tons of wheelbase options and you probably would want shock pads cause you really feel the road. Also it has REALLY mellow concave. I think it's like .6 just go check out my collection I have pictures posted there!!!
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I'd go with 3
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land yachtz wolfshark
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thanks for the tips guys :)
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