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Friendship... a thing we yearn for To share our life with those Who would understand us And who wouldn't care if we were crazy (like me ^_^) Friendship... a word we often use But at times we abandon Only to leave hidden scars behind With nothing but silence in between Friendship... I find it funny Awesome, quirky Unique, goofy Because I know that not all friends are perfect No... friendship is a thing To cherish within To gain a person's trust To die hard with partying or read a good book Friendship... I've found that When you have an awesome friendship All you need is A wishing star to answer our crazy ideas Because as we all know We all have our crazy moments ... in friendshipz (DON'T LIE TO ME, LOLZ) [well, my first poem on Vingle and it's dedicated to neaa, nylamrehs, soula81 n hopefully I'll meet alot of other people, as I've come to appreciate friendship so I've got to tip my hat to Vingle 4 givin me an opportunity at making awesome frenzzz :) ] FRIENDSHIP... ROCKZZZZZZ!!! ^_^
lolz, thnxxz soula81, cos i jus dd dat, kahmsamidah :)
you might wanna tag this haha just found out we have this party. it's interesting lol!'s really nice..especially as it comes from the heart.. but hey twin.. i write poems too!!!!!!
lolz, yeah wen i lookd @ ur 1s thn i strtd 2 thnk abwt our frnshipz, n yeah i jus strtd 2 type this poem frm the tip of my head, hope u like iht, lolz :D
you wrote it??????? thanks.. you are a great friend !!
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