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I've always thought about making artificial lures that I've put up before, but the process of making the molds has always felt very complicated to me. However, this method is so simple! The tools you need to make the mold are: - The lure you want to copy. - Car putty - A container to pour the mold in (such as a TV dinner tray) - Vaseline - Any sort of small plastic stick for venting - Small beads or marbles - Something to make a pour hole in the mold. I used the cap from window chalk, and it worked perfect. - Something to mix the putty on and with, such as a used a piece of cardboard box. And plastic spoon. - A C-clamp for holding the two parts of the mold together. To build the injector, which pushes the plastic into the mold, you will need to gather the following: - hot melt glue gun - small piece of copper pipe which acts as a plunger to push the plastic into the mold. - cap from a plastic soda bottle. It is fastened onto the pipe to make it more comfortable to push, and to protect your hand from heat. - Car body putty (Bondo). I use this to hold the bottle cap to the pipe. I will also use it later for the molds. - Epoxy putty, you know, the stuff Bill Mays advertises on TV to hold stuff. This becomes the tip of the plunger and helps seal inside the glue gun element. - Vice grips to hold the heating element. Tools: Hacksaw and Philips screwdriver With those tools, it's completely possible to put together a lure on your own! Once you gather those, follow this link to get the full steps. The pictures and layout will be easy to follow. Good luck! http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-make-artificial-fishing-bait-for-little-to-/?ALLSTEPS
@mcgraffy @happyrock Yeah i was quite surprised when I first found this, too. It was unexpected but it seems like a really great solution!
huh, I didn't realize you could make your own mold, rather than having to buy one. Very inventive, I think
Wow, just finished reading the whole tutorial. That is a lot of steps! But, actually much easier than I thought it would be. Maybe I'll have to do this all winter and test em out next year!