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If you make this with a very small spoon, it may work for perch. If you make it bigger, you can catch many other varieties too (including bass!) Follow the instructions in the video! In just 3 minutes, you can learn how to make this amazingly simple, cheap lure. Using a treble hook for this project is best, but make sure you match the size to what you'll want to be catching! Tip: for easier drilling of the whole, do a nail set, tap it where you want the hole, and then it'll be easier to drill. Also, hit it with a spray of clear glitter if you have it! That'll really make the fish come after it. Good luck!
that's awesome! imma try it
@GageSouder @yakwithalan Let me know how it turns out!!! I wanna know if its as easy as it looks~
@happyrock @GageSouder Likewise! I'd love to see any pics if it works for ya
Surprisingly simple. Guess this is why so many lures back int he day looked kind of like this