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It's here It's here It's here It's here It's here!!!! 88 seconds. One sandy stormtrooper. Who's excited?! I wasn't that excited for this movie when it was first announced, or when the movie's title was announced, or really, at all, until I saw this trailer! This is seriously a "teaser!" I am teased and I want to see the movie; now! Can we talk about the light sabers? They seem to be a symbolic design based on all the old Crusade era blades (a long cross). Also handy to block attempts at chopping the hand, or disabling the weapon. Seems like they'll be leaving pretty nasty entry wounds, too! Not exactly what I envisioned, but honestly, it's nice to get some variety.
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Can't wait but one year seems so far away
Are the new movies based on any of the comic books or video games? Might need to start reading up on some star wars...
@EightyNine Looks like we both need to do some research lol XD
30 years after Episode VI . Will be interesting what roles the old characters will play. Anyone see the new Terminator trailer as well? Arnold is returning to play the Terminator role too.
@windycitytale I just posted about it! http://www.vingle.net/posts/615652 I'm excited about the new Terminator