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I'm in New York for thanksgiving and my aunt wanted to take me shopping, and i personally don't need much to be happy, but she insisted on buying me something so she took me to a local sports store and they had more longboarding stuff than the zumiez up here and the zumiez back home. But I did need new bearings and they were out of bones and they didn't have that much bearings left but I picked these up for 16 bucks. Support your local businesses.
wish my town had a shop! thatd make things a hella lot easier.
There's 3 longboarding specific shops in NYC. There a big store called Longboard Loft, there's the Bustin Boards store and there's another store called Uncle Funkys. If you need to pick up stuff, I would DEFINITELY say go to Uncle Funkys. It's a really small shop in the basement of a building that's run by a middle aged couple. Although it's a much smaller store than the other two stores I mentioned, they know their stuff much better than most of the employees at the other stores. Plus their super chill and usually have stickers! They're my first choice to pick up things!
@KLAIRELAURIE me too. We have zumiez which has very little longboard stuff, and the same goes for hastings, and we have a skate shop that doesn't have anything for longboards really.
The point is support local shops. The shop I got them at wasn't even a skate shop they were just a sporting store but they had more Longboarding stuff than zumiez and Hastings which in my home town are the only two places to get longboards or anything Longboarding related.
word man. buy everything they got!
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