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I'm in New York for thanksgiving and my aunt wanted to take me shopping, and i personally don't need much to be happy, but she insisted on buying me something so she took me to a local sports store and they had more longboarding stuff than the zumiez up here and the zumiez back home. But I did need new bearings and they were out of bones and they didn't have that much bearings left but I picked these up for 16 bucks. Support your local businesses.
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@RichardSchafer Definitely pay them a visit if you can. I'm actually on my way to Uncle Funkys right this moment!
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word man. buy everything they got!
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The point is support local shops. The shop I got them at wasn't even a skate shop they were just a sporting store but they had more Longboarding stuff than zumiez and Hastings which in my home town are the only two places to get longboards or anything Longboarding related.
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wish my town had a shop! thatd make things a hella lot easier.
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@KLAIRELAURIE me too. We have zumiez which has very little longboard stuff, and the same goes for hastings, and we have a skate shop that doesn't have anything for longboards really.
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