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She's curvy and sexxy, my board, she's so hott!
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Definitely. I might try these instead of Kegels even though I really want those.. are they consistent in slides?
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Bro! I hust got a set of the 80a formula in orange. Couldn't be more satisfying. ahh. sweet thane. they are pretty good for downhill, and perfect for freeride. also durable, and fast!
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@crazyheart kinda? I dont know what would you call those lips?
3 years ago·Reply
@KTM2014 erm dunno. I get it tho. They have a square lip on top so perfect for gripping but once you push past n get over that lip your onto that round lip perfect for sliding. Dude that's pretty innovative!!
3 years ago·Reply
right? they are just some fatty drifters! I love them so far, and I just knocked off the skin. The guy I got them from never freakin rode them!
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