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Organic food and healthy food
Hello, This is Rahul Patel, Founder at HONEST ENTERPRISES, INDIA. My Company deals in organic food like edible oil, Salt, spices, Honey and other cooking needs of the kitchen. I would be glad to serve people of this community in any manner possible by me. You can email me at- honestenterpriseshyd@gmail.com and drop a message or call on +91 868 664 4811 Thank You, RAHUL D PATEL HONEST ENTERPRISES INDIA
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Lol it's the truth junk food is so cheap and taste so good
3 years ago·Reply
Sometimes I think food should be priced based on how many calories it has hahaha
3 years ago·Reply
junk food is cheap cause it's junk and it tastes good cause it's cheap, if it was expensive then people would be like " na I'm not wasting my money on that junk it's not healthy and it doesn't even taste good "
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