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Hello, This is Rahul Patel, Founder at HONEST ENTERPRISES, INDIA. My Company deals in organic food like edible oil, Salt, spices, Honey and other cooking needs of the kitchen. I would be glad to serve people of this community in any manner possible by me. You can email me at- honestenterpriseshyd@gmail.com and drop a message or call on +91 868 664 4811 Thank You, RAHUL D PATEL HONEST ENTERPRISES INDIA
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Lol it's the truth junk food is so cheap and taste so good
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Sometimes I think food should be priced based on how many calories it has hahaha
3 years ago·Reply
junk food is cheap cause it's junk and it tastes good cause it's cheap, if it was expensive then people would be like " na I'm not wasting my money on that junk it's not healthy and it doesn't even taste good "
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