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My birthday is on the 23rd right before Christmas so I'm thinking about asking for a combined present this year... The only question is.. Chubby Unicorn? Or Tesseract? Please give me all the advice you can. Why do you like what board, why one is better than the other in your opinion. Everything as anything you can think of! Go!
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I have to disagree with @steezud There are significant differences between the chubby and the tessy having risen both I can say either is a good choice my fav is the teddy tho
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Alright. Thanks all of you! And @KLAIRELAURIE No way!! Birthday buddy!
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Never realized they looked so similar.
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yet so different @ApolloSkating
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Personally I like the adjustable wheel base and the wider tail. Plus I'm sort of partial to loaded. Plus I love the weight of the tesseracts bamboo. So I would go for the tessy
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