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Name:Kacper Kania Birth: 11,11,1999 Gender: Male Age: 15 well? I pretty much new to vingle like 4 week ago or more I join because of the give away board. I'm pretty much most active person I love ski, ride qaud, skimboarding, soccer, football, and the most favorite thing is longboard because so cool and want to learn more how. I'm from Poland but came to America for better education. but still learning English. I love to party alots and play loud music. also I not really into gaming person. love both season is winter and summer. I'm also stylish. and some people think a dancer too. but don't mind. good to know people.
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@AndrewVollmar and @MicahKnoop nice to meet you too
3 years ago·Reply
nice to meet u!!(:
3 years ago·Reply
Nice to meet you bro!
3 years ago·Reply
Welcome man
3 years ago·Reply
Barca, Barca!
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