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Intro: Steezus.
Picture #1 is from Halloween, I lost a bet to some friends (they thought I wouldn't wear a Halloween costume to school, and I didnt. So I allowed them to put me in pigtails.) Picture #2 is a weird fragment edit. Picture #3 is a weird fragment edit. Picture #4 is of my Landyachtz Switchblade, thank you @mikerosa92. Picture #5 is of my Loaded Bhangra, I customized the top of the deck. (Obviously).
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what do you mean? Winter happened
3 years ago·Reply
True @KTM2014 but I figured that would make people more glued to their phones ahahhaha
2 years ago·Reply
@TreyChiri maybe some, but not me
2 years ago·Reply
I had some issues running the app, im back now. @TreyChiri
2 years ago·Reply