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Flipping through Thought Catalog, I found this fun piece about how to go on an adventure, while still being a responsible adult. I've shared all the steps here and added my thoughts on each :) 1. Decide to have an adventure. Easier said than done. You probably have work, or school, or plans with friends filling a significant portion of your schedule - so when are you supposed to pencil in an adventure?! You just have to do it. Push something frivolous (like laundry day) aside and GO! 2. Invite someone to join you. Sure, you can go alone, but for many of us it is much more fun to have a co-pilot. But, if you really want an exclusive adventure, keep it quite until just before or after the fact :) 3. Go somewhere. Simple. Just go. Even if it is turning a block earlier than you usually do on the way to work, or taking a bus to a new part of town. An adventure doesn't have to involve getting on a plane and scouring the jungle. Adventure could be waiting for you in the bodega down the street. 4. Know how much time you have until you HAVE to be back. We're trying to be responsible adults here, so knowing when you are needed and where is important. As this author puts it: "Flexibility is key to adventure." 5. Know how much money you have to spend. My best friend's greatest adventure was when she went to Hong Kong by herself. She spent most of her budget on a ticket and then decided she'd rather spend money on transportation and seeing the sights than any fancy foods. She at 7/11 meals and only spent money on egg tarts and ferry rides. Know when it’s worth it to bend the budget for the sake of an experience/memory. 6. Talk to people. Friends and strangers alike. Ask for suggestions and follow where they lead. 7. Practice the art of wandering and exploration. You can wander anywhere, even in a town that you know like the back of your hand. Don't have a plan and just take in the sights as they come. It takes practice, but its worth it. 8. Take a camera. But don’t spend too much time taking pictures. It rewarding to see things more with your eyes than through a camera lens. 9. Do some leg work ahead of time if you are going to a place where you know nothing about, but know that there are specific things the place is known for. Know the major sights you want to see and map out how to get there. Wandering is wonderful, but make sure you experience what you want to experience. Plan it out and then be willing to let your itinerary go if need be. 10. Enjoy yourself. Adventures are messy, filled with missteps and frustrations - but that is what the adventure is all about! If something doesn't go as planned, just go with the flow. Adventuring is for your enjoyment and nothing else - so don't let anything get you down! Now go out and adventure - and report back here as to what you've done!
I'm a solo adventurer myself :) Wandering around my neighborhood sounds like a good place to start!
Well I'm certainly inspired :) Now for step one...
I love it! Sounds like anything could be an adventure in life be it alone or with someone!
I'll help you with step 2 asparagus...if you need a buddy I'm here. Where am I meeting you!?
Ah, the act of wandering! I really haven't let myself walk around without a set route or schedule in a long time.