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Why is it that at times When we feel useless When we feel so alone We feel nothing but the... darkness Why do we question The light at times If it's either good or bad And then we turn to... darkness Why do we let our anger win Our inner demon conquer us The things that are hard Come out and lead us into the... darkness Haven't we been through Hell and back To realize that the light Will always defeat... darkness Yet why do we Let it win Let it take us to it Seducing us into it Beckoning us to join the... darkness
sure thing, tho it ws rather short, but sweet i hope, lolz, here goes :D
yup sure..though i lost mine!!
wow, unnie, i wrote my first 1 at yr 5 so i wos 9 yrs ol tht time, wanna c iht, i sdil got iht :)
poetry is refreshing..i've been writing since i was 10.. it's an escape from the expression of myself
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