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zumiez+boardmart = more poop
So today before I found out about my local board shop I called up zumiez to see if they carried bearing cleaning kits and the person I was talking to went to talk to their board "specialist" to see if they carried them so when she came back to the phone she said that they carried speed cream so I explained to her that isn't a bearing cleaner it's a lubricant she said I was wrong wtf. Then I called up boardmart to see if they had zealous bearings they said they exploded to many times so they don't sell them anymore wtf.
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I have nothing to say about those people
3 years ago·Reply
thank God I found a local board shop
3 years ago·Reply
Bearings don't "explode" but they can get majorly fucked. My friend was skating and his wheel locked up on him, so I loosened it a bit and told him to push. He did, and the bearing blew out and he ate shit hahaha.
3 years ago·Reply
exploding bearings sound like a nightmare.... xD
3 years ago·Reply
@JcubStone I need a local longboard shop @KLAIRELAURIE just a little of a bit
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