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The look into the Euro Qualifiers is almost complete with a look into the eighth of nine groups today in Group H. 1st Place - Croatia Croatia were very hard done not to have advanced into the second round after their opening game of the World Cup was gifted to the Brazilians. Croatia are a side that deserved to be at the World Cup and their quality of play has proven that. Their 1-1 draw with Italy showed their quality and they can look to build on their campaign from there. 2nd Place - Italy Italy are the group favourites but they will have to beat the Croatians in order to secure the top spot. Still though, the 5 times World Cup champions should be up to the task of secure an automatic bid for Euro 2016, expect to be captain Buffon's last campaign in goal for the Italians. 3rd Place - Norway Norway are an improving side and I would fully expect them to secure the 3rd Place Play-off spot they now have a 5 point hold over. They are a decent squad who should fare well in the group they are in as long as they don't lose too badly to Croatia & Italy. 4th Place - Bulgaria Bulgaria are a side that can attest a game or two but are more than likely not going to France in 2016. They are already 5 points from the playoff spot, 6 from the automatic bids, and I feel this side just doesn't quite have the quality. 5th Place - Malta One of two minnows of the group, Malta will hope to finish 5th in order to best their usual expectation of finishing bottom of the group. 6th Place - Azerbaijan Azerbaijan are another minnow of the group and will be disappointing not to currently be pipping Malta for 5th place in the group. They will not qualify for the Euros but could look to gather some points against Malta & Bulgaria.
@aintfixed It's no lie that Italy are in a transitional period. Their performance was okay against Croatia but they did let the Croats have a lot of the ball and they generally looked better value to take the lead. They will need to beat them to win the group.
How was performance of Italy? It is so hard that they will get some great consequences because Adequate tactics haven't been shown yet from Italy. I used to like their defence and offence which is came from strong mid-field but I think they are suffering period between progress and depress.