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Did you know there was a new Jurassic Park movie in the works? I didn't! Have I been under a rock? Maybe. Either way, I'm excited to see the new Jurassic World trailer. Along with Star Wars (which @timeturnerjones shared here:, old school is making a big time comeback in 2015. I still remember when the original Jurassic Park came out and how awed we all were by it. It was crazy! The special effects were spectacular!! Everyone was screaming!!! You get the picture. It was epic. I remember watching the kids from the first movie on a morning talk show. They told the host about having to give their best screams in the audition - and then proceeded to demonstrate. They really were good screamers. My cousins and I kept having scream-off competitions, much to the dismay of our parents. So have you seen the trailer for the new Jurassic World? I've shared it here if you haven't - and I've got five things to say about it! 1. What's up with the mom's goodbye in the opening? Why is she proud of her son for going to a theme park? Because it's super scary in a very real and threatening way? You go, kid! <insert reassuring smile>. Also, she says "If anything chases you, run." Again with a smile. What kind of sick woman is this? Oh, the trust in this neo-Jurassic world. 2. There is definitely going to be some interesting commentary and thought-food coming out of this about zoo and theme park culture. It really takes our fascination with getting close to dangerous creatures to the extreme. 3. The dinosaur eating the shark show. That was pretty awesome. I'm not a big fan of sharks. That dinosaur, though. <shiver> Let's sit in the splash zone, mom! And here we thought nothing could beat a captive orca whale and a pod of dolphins... 3. Scientist: "We have our first genetically modified hybrid!" Why are they always so excited and positive about genetically modified hybrids? Why has no one learned? How is this EVER a good idea? It's never a good idea. Didn't they watch Splice? Maybe one of the most disturbing movies I've ever seen. Just don't do it. Oh, wait, we want them to be eaten. Okay, do it. 4. "You went and made a new dinosaur? Probably not a good idea." Thank you, Chris Pratt! Weirdly enough, he is the voice of reason. Also, Chris Pratt! I think seeing him in this role might have sealed the deal for me. 5. "She's a highly intelligent animal." Great. Of course she is. "She will kill anything that moves." Even better. Of course she will. Cue scientist realizing she made a big mistake. RUN! This is where it gets good, people. Strap on your amusement ride seatbelts, folks! Wait, no... then you can't run. Just get ready for some big time jumping and screaming in your seats. I'm going to make sure I have a hand to squeeze! I may be almost 20 years older now (yikes), but trust me, I'll be right back to scaredy-cat mode as soon as the title screens come up! What do you think of the trailer? Which was your favorite Jurassic Park movie? For me nothing quite beat the first one.
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I'm pretty excited about this, but I don't think I'll love it at all like I loved the old ones. For me, it's like the Tremors movies: I liked the first one best, but I'll keep watching and enjoying all the others, too! I rreally don't get why scientists in these movies are always dumb enough to create hybrids, though. never a good idea!!