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Beautiful butterfly Up in the sky I see you glide Around the playgrounds slide Will you stay With me and play Beautiful butterfly Up in the sky [Well Neaa, i did change some things, well i only inserted "playground" in as it would soun better i think. But this is the first poem i did as a yr 5... at 9 yrs of age, wow, dusn the time go by so fast. ^_^ ]
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lolz, ure sweet unnie, thnxzzzz. kahmsamidah :D
5 years ago·Reply
wow the poem is super nice
5 years ago·Reply
thnxzzzz dbataluna :D
5 years ago·Reply
no prob :-) well i am really a lover of poems but then i've haven't really notice it because the butterfly is really so pretty
5 years ago·Reply
lol, no worries :D
5 years ago·Reply