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Many of us are always on the go, and with such limited battery life on our smartphones, it's nice to know we have an accessible way to charge them. One good thing you should own to make your life easier is a car charger. Now, if you're like me, you've owned a couple in your lifetime but they either a.) didn't work or b.) charged at such slow speeds it was useless. With some research, I have found a charger that might benefit all of you who need a charger on the go. Currently less than $15 on Amazon, the Scosche USB Car Charger is affordable and powerful. It has 2 USB ports, which is perfect if your car only has one cigarette lighter. It is originally designed for iOS devices, but it works fine with Android devices. I found a great review over at The Wirecutter that you might be interested in checking out. They tested the power and found that it produces a maximum current output of 5.8 amps, which was higher than advertised. Not only that, the charger is small and portable. Hope you travelers find this one useful. It is perfect to have on your next road trip if you want to have your devices charged for music, movies, GPS, or other purposes. I personally am really happy with it and would recommend it. Check if out on Amazon: Check out Wirecutter Article:
i got one of those at the store $5 below, it came with 2 sets, very convenient!!
I've always wanted to get one of those portable batteries you can carry around, but if I'm going to be in my car a lot, this might be a better solution!
Wow, really @cheerfulcallie? That's such a good deal