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uhh..it's a little complicated...i'll message you.. but lovetoyousv.. wish you happiness..and i might have had a crush..and somewhere in the corner of my heart still do..but life goes on.. your happiness matters most and happiness lies in you!
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n @love remember this... its ok to like someone, but when it's abit too long, n no one has done something... take a chance, cos i think that if you do, you will find yourself free from the burdens of having that feeling of longing but when stopped because of: BUT!?! I mean who said everything would go your way, that's why life is so unpredictable n so interesting, so go out there chica n kik butt, n like da sayin: EAT, LOVE, LIVE :) FIGHTING!!!
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Nice talking wit you two @neaa @relinashinee :D
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same here sweety!!
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yeh *_^
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