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This isn't a diet. LOL This is a cheat sheet you can count on with five fingers when you go to eat your next meal. G N O M S (pronounced numbs) It stands for: Greens - Fresh leafy green plant that you can eat raw. Nuts - Unprocessed nuts like almonds, cashews, etc. Onions - (or root vegetables) such as onions, shallots, and leeks (including the above-the-ground greens). Mushrooms - (or spore-bearing fungi) such as shitake, king oyster, and white button. Seeds - Pumpkin, chia, and a host of others that are shelled, but otherwise unprocessed. By adding these to your daily diet, you will feel satisfied physically while giving your body fresh fuel that is rich in fat cell reduction, fiber, anti-oxidants, and bursting with vitamins. While these foods don't 'magically' make you lose weight, they contribute to fat loss because by introducing these to the body and consuming them consistently, you are eating less fat and supplying the body with power foods that give back to the body versus sluggish foods that zap your body of energy accumulating fat. If these ingredients seem off-putting or impossible to pair with each meal, then do what I do: Add them to a smoothie and drink it in the morning "When It's Black It's Done" Recipe: (2) C of water (2) C of spinach/kale mix (1) C of blueberries (1/2) C of mushrooms (1/8) C of white onion (2) T of chia seeds (1) T of spirulina algae In a blender mix it up. It will turn black. That's when you know it's done. LOL Surprisingly, it doesn't taste bad at all. It's very earthy and does not leave an aftertaste. Nuts were not included in the smoothie because nuts are awesome by the handful on their own. No need to mask the taste. Try it and see what you think.
"Numbs?!" more like "NOMS!" sounds delicious!!
black smoothie instead of green one! thanks!
@marshalledgar It actually wasn't bad at all. It was my first time blending vegetables and fruits together. There was a strong kale flavor.
I got a new blender and I'm thinking to make that black smoothie as my first recipe. Hope I can endure the taste lol
Hahaha @danidee @iluvdurian31 next time add the mushrooms. lol
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