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Rainy Days

Don't let bad weather bring you down! There are plenty more days of skating ahead of all of us, for the most part. Sometimes it's worth getting your gear all drenched and then tearing it apart and letting it dry. Don't forget to spin the water out of your bearings when you're done, if you're not planning on cleaning them that night. If you are totally opposed to rain skating or skating in the snow and ice, then look at it as a time to recover, and find out where you want to go with your skating. Find some new slides you want to learn, or a new technique. Anything like that would be good. Maybe even grab a deck that doesn't have any trucks on it and dance around on it a little. it's still good fun, and it helps you with balance, believe me. I will be sharing a video I made that I call Thanksshredding and a couple others too! Follow me for more, and skate safe out there.
love this! stay positive!("
that's priceless.
love the second one
There's is always a bright side to something:)
@ThomasOwen right?! found that on longboard porn. it's awesome!
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